Most people BUY their water softener.

Others choose to RENT the water softener system.

What are the Pros's and Con's?


When you rent a water conditioner from us, all maintenance and salt delivery is included. That even includes filter changes on any Reverse Osmosis system that we install. Renting a water softener is also a good option for people that don't plan on living in a home for a long time. Maybe you only plan on being there for 2-3 years. In that case, renting will be less expensive in the short term.

Renting can also make sense if you have challenging water - like a private well with heavy iron and/or sulfur, high water hardness levels, tannins, etc.

The only expense that you will incur when renting equipment is the nominal deposit and the rental fee (billed quarterly).  ALL maintenance, parts, service calls and salt are included in the agreed upon price.

Any equipment that you rent from us is of the highest quality and we have several options available to suit your needs and fit your budget!  

If you are planning on living in your home for many years, buying is probably the best choice in the long run. Some worry about how much it costs to maintain or have repairs done on the machine, but that is really not an issue if you purchase a quality machine from a reputable dealer. Oftentimes if you purchase a cheap water softener, it may need service sooner than a higher priced, quality machine. This makes the cheaper unit more or less a THROW-AWAY machine, often times it will cost as much to repair the cheaper machine as it would cost to just buy another new one.

Buying quality equipment will last much longer and will lways pay for itself in the long run with less repairs and less wear on household appliances and fixtures.  Not to mention the potential health benefits of conditioned water throughout your home!

having a water conditioner will save the average family of four approximately $95.00 per month according to a study that was conducted in 2006 by ten different government groups, universities, and other organizations. If you would like to see the results of the study, simply go to the tab on our web site that says "Did You Know?". There you will find a chart that will give you the breakdown of the ways a water softener will save your household a lot of money.





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